Career Start up and Growth

  • You need to figure out what qualifications & skills you have for the new field you are pursing
  • You send out tons of resumes and don’t get interviews
  • You get plenty of interviews but don’t land the job
  • You are continually looked over for promotions
  • You know you have a lot to offer your current or future employer but struggle with how to communicate it
  • Your feel a lack of purpose – something is missing

Career Transition

Career Transition

  • You have suddenly experienced job loss – what do I do next?
  • You are sick of corporate America and need an exit strategy
  • Too much work and not enough life

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What Is Career Coaching? Why is it Important?

Your Career is important in your life.  You have chosen it as something you want to spend a majority of your time actively working in, you have gone to classes and trainings and continue to learn all you can and look forward to implementing what you have learned.

You spend a good portion of your life, in your career…so it needs to be something that makes you happy and fulfilled.  It needs to be a position that lets you utilize your God given talents to the fullest and also be able to serve others however you can.

I work with people at all stages of their career.  I have 3 main tracks in my coaching and they are Starting out in your Career, Career Growth and Career Transition.   

Throughout the lifetime of your career you are going to experience various stages.  This is inevitable and also common.  Everyone goes through it.  Knowing how to navigate it and having support through the time times is key.

You don’t have to remain stuck, or working in a career that you no longer enjoy. You CAN unlock your inner drive and burst into the next chapter of your career with clarity, resolve and exuberance. Coaching helps you find the missing pieces that complete your vision of the future. The result? You recapture your purpose and get unstuck!

The GPS Coach is all about helping clients to discover customized solutions for career twists and turns. It is about helping you find the tools to break free from inaction and put in place a fresh perspective, purpose, and plan.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Get the Clarity You Need to Start on Your New Career Path or Transition  Today!