So you found yourself in the job search market again.  It’s OK, not anything to fret about.  Actually it’s a great thing! 

Now you can go after a position that is what you truly want and fulfills you.  You can put your best foot forward and reinvent yourself.  Show the world who you REALLY want to be.

First things first though…you need to land an interview.

Here are your first 5 tips on how to do that in the best way:

  1. Write a cover letter.  You have your resume to submit but stop and think for a minute.  If you were weeding through hundreds of resumes what would stand out to you?  Someone that cares, right? Well a cover letter shows you care.  This is the place to shine.  You have 30 seconds to catch an interviewers attention and by selling them on why you want this job and why you would be a perfect fit you will take things to the next level.  Make sure as well to call the office and find out who to address the cover letter to.  A name for the person reading it instead of “To Whom it May Concern” is a big standout because it shows you care enough to take the time to learn about your interviewer.
  2. Have someone proof your resume before you send.  As detail oriented as you may be, sometimes the longer we look at things the more immune we become to mistakes.  You want to take the time to have someone proof it so you don’t send it off with a silly mistake you didn’t catch that could cost you your chance at an interview.
  3. Choose the essentials.  Don’t bring up past jobs from many years ago that have no relevance to the position you are applying for.  Make sure to showcase your skills and how they relate to the position you are applying for.
  4. Don’t use an objective.  I know, every template has this spot on a resume but really, just leave that out.  It’s not needed and makes for an easy mistake if it doesn’t match up to the position you are applying for.  (For example saying you are looking for a full time position and applying for part time.)
  5. Explain things.  If you have a gap in work time explain why, if you have a different career path or a different degree explain it.  By taking time to explain things you are going to stand out and make it easier for the interviewer to decide to call you.  If you leave these things open and don’t explain them a lot of interviewers will file your resume in the circular bin.  The best place to explain things?  Your cover letter!

Stay tuned for next time when I go into detail on the last 5 tips I have for you to land the interview for your dream job!