Last month we covered the first five tips on how to land an interview for your dream job and now there are 5 more to cover to get you over the finish line! 

Here are your last 5 tips.  Remember, these don’t have to be completed in this order…

6. Highlight the essentials.   Make sure your job history that you include on your resume is relevant to the position you are applying for. Showcase your skills so the interviewer can really see how qualified you are and will put you in the top of the pile for people to talk to further. 

7. Skip the objective.  I know, every template has this spot on a resume but really, just leave that out.  It’s not needed and makes for an easy mistake if it doesn’t match up to the position you are applying for.  Everyone knows you are looking for a job that will utilize your experience, gifts and talents!

8. Have someone proof your resume.  As detail oriented as you may be, sometimes the longer we look at things the more immune we become to mistakes.  You want to take the time to have someone proof it so you don’t send it off with a silly mistake you didn’t catch that could cost you your chance at an interview.

9. Write a cover letter.  A cover letter that is relevant and engaging can set you apart!  It shows you care.  This is the place to shine.  Use a cover letter to explain a gap in work time, or why jobs were short-lived.  By taking time to explain things you are going to stand out and make it easier for the interviewer to decide to call you.  If you leave these things open and don’t explain them a lot of interviewers will file your resume in the circular bin. Remember, the clearer you are the better.  Don’t leave explanations up to the interviewer to create in their head. I’ve worked with military spouses who had several short term jobs -and- stay at home mothers who had major work gaps.  We were able to develop a cover letter that explained the “elephant in the room” and showcased their value.  

Also, do your research and make sure you know who to address the cover letter to. This goes much further than a generic “To Whom it May Concern” and is a great way to show you care enough to take the time to learn about your interviewer.

10. Review & evaluate. You may have many interviews but not find the perfect fit for a while.  Don’t be negative.  Get feedback from your interviewers on why they didn’t choose you for the position, then take that knowledge and apply it in your next interview.  You may find that at times the company will love you but you don’t have those same feelings about them.  Perhaps they don’t align with your career and life values. Listen to that too.  Don’t just take a position because it is being offered.  Make sure it is right for you. 

Stay positive.  This can sometimes be a long road.  The whole journey of finding a new job can be scary, but keep looking at it in a positive light and focusing on how wonderful it will be when you land the perfect position. Make sure you have a support team that’s cheering you on and keeps lifting you up in prayer!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or have a question.  I’d be happy to assist you on the journey.  All the best to you!!!