You finally landed the interview for your dream job. 

No one wants to bomb their interview. Today I am sharing 10 things that can surely bomb the interview for you and make you lose the position of a lifetime.

Here’s what NOT to do during an interview:

  1. Poor Dress. Do your homework. Find out what is acceptable attire at that company.
  2. B.B.  (Bad Breath) or B.O. (Body Odor).
  3. Know nothing about the company.
  4. Answer cell phone or text messages.
  5. If asked don’t make excuses about past job failings. Take responsibility for your actions.
  6. Don’t make negative comments about past employers. It’s a small world and you don’t know who your interviewer knows.
  7. Don’t give false answers. It will come back to haunt you.
  8. Don’t act desperate for employment.
  9. Don’t chew gum or smell like smoke. They have sprays that will get the cigarette smoke off your clothing right after you smoke.
  10. Don’t let anyone attend your interview with you.  If you need a ride, have them wait in the car.

Your goal is to win over the interviewer and show them that you are well qualified for the position and the best choice for the company.

Don’t forget to follow up right away.  Send a hand written note that they will receive in 24-48 hours to show that you appreciate them taking time with you and that you are interested in the position and ready to take the next step in the process.  BONUS TIP:  Mention something from the interview or about the organization in your note!!!