Don’t Give up the Job SearchI know that being unemployed during the holidays is an awful situation.  It is hard on you and your family and your self esteem seems to plummet right?

It doesn’t have to be that way!  Don’t let this affect how you enjoy your holidays!  Holidays are about connecting with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and not about who bought the biggest or most expensive gift and whether you gave enough to someone.  (I know that can be hard especially when Aunt Bea gives you a $200 check and you bought her a $20 sweater).  Realize that people do what they WANT to do.  They are not looking for what you can get them but rather they are giving what they want and not looking for a big return on that.

It can be hard to stay cool when family and friends are inquiring about your job search though.  Sometimes it feels like they are nagging or think you should be further along (sometimes they are and sometimes you are just seeing it that way.  Remember to step back and notice the difference). It can be tempting to completely remove yourself from holiday festivities so you don’t have to experience that agonizing awkwardness of answering the same dreaded questions over and over again but don’t do this.  This is a time that other people’s connections could actually help you.  Be honest and share what you are looking for so that others can help you reach the right connections.  Often you don’t realize the connections your friends and family have and they don’t realize that you need them.

Don’t let your insecurities ruin the most wonderful time of the year. Here are 3 hot tips for staying cool on the holiday job search:


  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself.


You don’t have time for that! You’ve got to bake cookies, play with your dog, and sip hot cocoa with your family.

Whenever you start feeling worn down , do something productive. Remember that now is the perfect time to job hunt so take 10 minutes and do a job search and get in touch with people that are hiring.

After that go for a walk or read a good book for a bit.  Indulge yourself so you raise your vibration and get your groove back. Don’t feel guilty.  Taking time for yourself to get back in a better place mentally and physically are very important.


  • What excites you?


When someone asks you, “How’s the job search going?” Don’t focus on the negative. You have control over the tone of this conversation. Focus on the parts that excite you such as the interviews that you have landed, the resumes you have out to companies that would be perfect for you and the connections you have made along the way.


  • Laugh and dance like no one is watching!


What makes you laugh out loud, even when no one is in the room? What songs make you want to get up and get your groove on? Focus on the small things in life  that make you happy, and make sure that you put them in your day at different points. Laughter is the best medicine and is also something that is contagious.  Instead of getting frustrated, spread some holiday cheer.  Make others laugh along with you and you will see moods improve all over the place and it is also a good way to bond with new people. Distract yourself with positive fun. Take a “Happy Break” throughout each day and you will stay in balance and cool during your job search.