I really enjoyed the Health Series we recently did and I decided to continue the rest of this year with another series. From now until December, each month you will have a Career Success Tip from me. These are designed so you can work one a month and not feel overwhelmed. When we get overwhelmed we often stop moving forward and I don’t want to see that happen to you!

The goal is to look at the tip of the month and really reflect if you are doing it currently or if you can even step up your game if you are. Then put into action what you need to do that month to start or improve on what you are doing.

Tip #1 – Be Resourceful.

Being Resourceful is something a lot of people just don’t bring to the table. That will be a huge asset for you because employers are looking for that trait. They are looking to hire someone that can come up with ideas and solutions, not just run to them with a problem or complaint.

If you see a problem, come up with a solution or idea (or multiple ones) and go to your employer in a calm manner, with your solutions easily laid out for them to review at their leisure and you will be amazed at the respect they will have for you. You can even request to set up a meeting later in the week or the following week with them for 15 minutes so you can go over what you have submitted to them after they have had a chance to review it.

Many employees don’t realize how busy their boss is. They think the higher up you are the more free time you have. They see the boss leaving after half a day (without realizing it is for a work meeting) or they see the boss coming in late (not realizing that person has been up since 4am working from home because there are less distractions).

If you are showing you respect their time, you want to help make their life easier and you want to make things flow smoother at work, you will be the winner and will have even more and better opportunities open up to you.

I would love to hear how this tip helps you and how you have made changes so feel free to reach out anytime! If you would like to chat about how I can help you with career coaching lets set that up as well!