I hope you had a great time putting Tip #1 – Be Resourceful into action last month. Now we are onto Tip #2 – Be A Learner. Learning is very important to success. And it is a never ending process…there is always something new to learn to enhance our skill set and your reach new levels of success in your career.

Tip #2 – Be A Learner.

Always be willing to learn new things. Be that person that is always open to learning new processes and procedures. Take advantage of new trainings and certifications that you can take. Your company may even offer them to you and pay for them. Some companies will also pay a portion of your college or training if you are taking a course you want to take that would benefit them as well.

Know how you can impact your team, department and company. If there are trainings that would be good for your team, put together a proposal for whomever is in charge of approving them and see if you can get some team trainings going as well.

Evaluating yourself and making regular improvements is also a must. You want to do this every day, week and month. Don’t wait until your boss gives you a yearly performance review to see where you are at. Set some goals for yourself and evaluate what is working and not working and make adjustments as needed. Keep track of what you learn also so that you have it for your own reference but also to share with your supervisor monthly or quarterly to get feedback.

So start learning more now and keep me updated on your progress! Stay tuned to Tip #3 next month!