Have you been spending time like Tip #2 suggested, learning new things?  There is always something new to learn and it is a never ending process.  Today we are moving onto Tip #3 – Be a Proactive Communicator.  Communication is key to success so you want to be sure that you are communicating clearly and often.

Tip #3 – Be A Proactive Communicator.

Being a proactive communicator means reaching out, not sitting back waiting for someone to check in with you.

Your manager is a very busy person.  Make it a point to send a status report regularly.  That may look like a weekly email outlining status of the projects you have worked on that week or even a daily email progress report if there is a big project you are working on that you know is the main focus.

Think of it as if you were the manager.  What would you be looking for from your team?  Would you want to have to chase everyone down and spend time figuring out where they are at?  Or would you rather open your email and have status reports to go through each Friday so you could get your plan together for the upcoming week and share that with the team?

The second option would make you more productive and would make you and your team more impressive to the higher ups.  (Unless you deal with the owner direct, there is always a higher up;)

Start communicating more now. Put better communication practices in place and keep at it until this new practice is a habit.  I would love to hear your progress!  Stay tuned to Tip #4 next month!