Have you been spending time like Tip #3 suggested, being a proactive communicator?  What have you learned by doing this?  Do you feel more confident in your communication skills?

Today we are moving onto Tip #4 – Be Goal Oriented.  When you are clear on your goals you will be much more successful and be able to accomplish a lot more than if you are unclear as to what you want to achieve also.

Tip #4 – Be Goal Oriented.

It is important to keep the company’s mission, vision and goals in mind for both short term and long term.  The reason for this is so that you are clear on what the company wants to achieve so you can better help them get there and in turn you will become a valuable asset as well.

Many people go to work, collect a paycheck and go home.  They don’t take the time to really understand the company’s mission, vision and goals and that is what makes them more dispensable.

If you are focusing on what the company wants to achieve and keeping your work focus on those goals you are going to be someone the leaders of the company turn to for advice, input and ideas.

Be sure you know how to meet the goals of the company.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you are in a higher position.  It is never too late to change your direction to become more focused on the needs of the company rather than just collecting a paycheck.

Show the leaders of the company what you are capable of.  Show them you care about the success of their company and want to see it succeed.  Show them you think of this as more than just a job to pay the bills and that you are committed to supporting them in their growth.

This will go a long way in your rise in the company and the trust you have instilled in you.

Next month is the last of the series and Tip #5.  Keep an eye out so you have all the tips and are ready to get your career to new heights in the new year!