A global pandemic can change a lot of things.  Everyone in the world has been affected in various ways through the last few years and things are finally starting to get back to a “new” normal.

There were many people that lost their jobs, or found they were unhappy with their work and wanted a change.  Some have been forced to make a change even if they were previously content.

The career world is very different now than it was just a few short years ago.

You may have been fortunate to hold onto your job through these times, or you may have acquired a new and better position. Wouldn’t it be great for your boss to recognize how valuable you are? Are you showing them?

You may think you are but you may be missing some crucial steps that would help you do a better job of it;)

Here are 5 ways to show your boss you are amazing and increase your value in your position:

1. To be valuable you need to be helping your boss make the business money. Focus on activities that utilize your skills most effectively to connect back to the bottom line. You want to be efficient and productive and help your boss to ensure the right systems are in place for growth.

2. Familiarize yourself with the organizational chart and reporting structures. Understand the financials. Learn as much as you can along the way, even though what you’re learning may not seem relevant right now.  Down the line, that knowledge could put you in the position of getting a promotion or a new opportunity.

3. Communicating with people is an opportunity to build relationships with them. Being amazing means being able to interact with people and solve problems.  This is a skill many people lack.

4. Add sales to your skill set. Whenever you are trying to pitch a new idea to your boss, you’ll need a convincing and solid sales pitch. If you are vying for a promotion or raise, be prepared to pitch yourself. Be ready to defend your views and answer tough questions. Be ready to support your ideas with solid research and enthusiasm.

5. Continuing Education.  Find courses that interest you and that can help you in your job or in a future position you are interested in having.  These classes can be done online or in person and they aren’t super costly or extremely time consuming.  Keeping up on the latest technology that is out there and showing that you are proactive in your learning is going to take you a long way to getting that promotion, raise, or new position.

You want to show your boss how amazing you are so that even if you end up getting a different position at a different company, your boss is going to put in a good reference for you because they see the value that you provide.  They will most likely even fight to keep you if they have a similar opening or opportunity.  This is also going to help you if you are looking to expand your position in your current company.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. ~John C. Maxwell