This time of year is always a time of reflection for people. They look back at the past year and think of what happened. What was good, what was bad, what Didn’t they accomplish? Then they move the list to their goals for the New Year.

I have to say that just isn’t productive. Instead of hashing over the past year all at one time and then moving what you “should” be doing to the next year’s list for what didn’t get done, look at it a different way.

First, if you didn’t do it in the past year and it isn’t something new to your list…don’t add it to next year because you will end up being disappointed again. Why? Because if it’s not done by now you really don’t want to do it. Bless it and let it go. Know that you can change your mind and that it is OK to let go of the things that you are not passionate about.

Next, start to be mindful of your blessings. You should be doing this not one or two months out of the year but rather all year long. Every day.

There are blessings that happen in your life each day and if you are present in your life and not always moving to the next thing you will notice what they are.

Here is what I recommend to keep track of your blessings:
1.) Go out and buy a special journal just for recording your blessings. Make it something fun that you look forward to writing in.
2.) Each night date the top of a new page and start to think over your day. Write at the very least 3 blessings that happened that day. They may be small, they may be large. There will be days you may struggle with this and other days when they flow out of you and you have more than 3.
3.) Each Sunday, look back on the previous week and read through your days. You will get a sense of peace as you realize how many blessings happen for you each day.

Then at the end of NEXT year, instead of trying to remember everything that happened over the past year, you can take a quiet morning and your favorite hot beverage and read through the journal. You will feel a warmth in your heart and it will be way more meaningful then sitting down to transfer one year’s goals to the next year and trying to remember the good in life. Remember the good in life each day!