Networking isn’t something that you do here and there when you need to. Not only when you need a job or are looking for a different career etc. No, it is something you need to do all the time. No matter where you are at. Why? Because you never know what opportunities will arise and what relationships will be built.

Take advantage of all your opportunities such as:
• Join a networking group and make the most of it. Meet personally at least 2 new people each time and set up a time to chat with them over coffee so you can learn more about them and what they do.
• When you go to live events make the most of your breakfast, lunch and dinner opportunities. Instead of sitting alone or hiding in your room, make plans with different people each time to have a meal or coffee and learn more about them.
• Strike up conversations with people that you meet when you are out and about doing things you enjoy. Chances are if they are there they enjoy the same things.

Networking doesn’t have to be super expensive or extremely time consuming if you do it right. Make the most of your time and be strategic.

Once you have met people and spent time with them be sure to follow up. Take 15 minutes each morning to send out a quick email to a few people a day to connect with them. It doesn’t always have to be about networking either. Thank them for their time if they recently met with you. Send them an article link to something you think would interest them. Introduce them to someone you think they should meet.

Little gestures can go a long way in building those relationships. Get started today and watch over the next few months as things drastically change for you.