We all get so caught up in our day to day lives that we often miss the opportunities that pop up right in front of our faces.  We are running around like crazy trying to get everything done on our agendas, and even stuff that isn’t on our agendas and we are not taking the time to stop, be present and focus on what is around us.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out what you are missing out on:

1.) What opportunities (educational, training, special projects, etc) are out there for you?  Take the time to do your research and find out what your options are.  Things don’t always land in your lap (although it’s nice when they do) so you need to get into action and look up the opportunities that could be available that you are missing out on.

2.) What strengths could you turn into opportunities?  What are you good at that you are not utilizing to help others?  Tony Robbins once said you can be happy if you are not contributing to the world but you will never be fulfilled.  So true!  So what are you holding back from the world that could help others and in turn bless you as well?

3.) Where is your industry going/growing toward?  What are future trends?  If you can get ahead of that curve you are in a very valuable position to your existing company or even other companies if you are looking to make a change.  Be innovative.  Be creative.  Put your heart into what your do and you will be wide open for possibilities.

We all miss opportunities.  The way to think of it is like this.  If opportunity comes knocking and you are not answering the door, it will not stand there knocking forever and waiting on you.  It will move to the next door and knock and if that person invites opportunity in for a cup of coffee and conversation that is where that particular opportunity will stay.

Make sure you start opening the door.