Continuing in our career development series, this post is about reviewing your education and training.  This is the final area of our career development review.

When it comes to education and training, don’t get anxious and think it means you need to go or return to college and get a degree. It doesn’t mean that.  This is not necessarily something that will require a large investment of your time or money.  It may be getting a new certification that will help up-level your skillsets and help you to go further in your company.  It may be taking a training that will increase your value at your current company or make you more desirable to a new company if you are looking for a change.

There are so many ways you can enhance your education and training that you can implement into your daily life.

I love to read in order to learn more.  Have you tried putting that practice in place? If you haven’t started, commit to reading a book or article in your area of expertise or an area you aspire to.  Reading opens so many doors and introduces you to new ways of thinking, innovative ideas that you can implement in your own company and even helps you build your own self confidence.

One way to incorporate this habit is to commit to reading one chapter of a book each day.  This won’t take long and you can do it early in the morning or even before bed.  It will be a way of moving forward in learning new things and not feeling overwhelmed at the time or cost investment.

I also believe in having a mentor.  This could be someone that you meet with regularly, or someone that you can call to ask questions about your career field.  A mentor is someone that is higher than you in your career and can help you shorten your learning curve.  Be sure to pick the right mentor though.  You want someone that is open to sharing their knowledge and wants to truly help.  When you have that, there are so many ways you can learn.  Maybe it is meeting for coffee once a month and discussing how things are going and how you can do things better.  Maybe it is a once a month Zoom meeting where you chat after hours.  Whatever fits best for you and your mentor is how you will set up meetings.

I hope these tips have given you some new ideas on how to up-level your education and training and that you are excited to put one or more of these ideas in place!  If I can help in anyway please reach out.  I would love to chat with you.