This is part 2 of the 3 part Career Struggles series.  In this article I will be going over how to know if you are selling yourself short and also how to stop if you are.   

Career Struggle # 2 – Selling yourself short 

We often sell ourselves short in our career.  We don’t take into account our skillsets or we undervalue them and think that others are more worthy than we are of that position we covet.

Do you know your worth? This is especially important if you are self employed.  Think of all the trainings you have taken, the schooling you have gotten, the hands on experience you have had.  Take out a piece of paper and write it all down.  How have you helped others throughout your career?  What kinds of results have you gotten for your clients and customers?

Do you see what you bring to the table now? Do you see what makes you stand out? If you don’t you need to keep writing.  Another way to realize your value is to ask others.  Find out what your employer thinks, what your customers think, what your family and friends think.  You often don’t realize how others perceive you until you ask.  They don’t just offer it up.

A great way to go about this so people are honest is to go to and set up a free account.  Then set up a survey asking a couple questions such as 3 words they would use to describe you and what they see as your unique talents.  They can answer anonymously if they want to and you get feedback that will help you to see your own value and worth. If you are self-employed you can survey current and former clients.

Know clearly what you bring to the table and then negotiate your salary to reflect your worth.  This is especially important for women as we often do not negotiate.  We think that we should just accept what is given.  Most men are much better with this.  They will negotiate more money, vacation days, signing bonus, etc.  If self-employed, set your prices to reflect your worth.  I have a coaching colleague who adjusts her prices after any additional training is completed (i.e., conferences, classes, certification).

Know your worth and make sure you get paid what you are worth.

I would love to support you in getting clarity around what you bring to the table and how to negotiate so you earn what you are worth. If you would like to chat just reach out!