Unplugging can be hard since we spend so much of our lives online.  We work on our computers all day, our cell phones are not just for calls anymore but also for entertainment.  Lately people are so addicted to their phones and the instant access to pretty much anything online that unplugging seems like a far distant dream for the future.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Career Struggle # 5 – Unplugging

Here are 3 ways you can unplug daily:

Phone – Start by checking your notifications.  ONLY have notifications for the things that are important such as a calendar event reminder.  The other things that are distractions you can put on silent so you don’t have a ding every time someone else wants your attention.  You get to it when you get to it.

Schedule downtime – Some ideas for this are to have a basket for cell phones when you are about to eat a meal.  Everyone puts their phone in there and it goes in another room while you are spending time together.  Same for when you are spending time with friends and family.  Spend time with your focus on them…not your phone.  No one feels special when they have scheduled time to be with you and your face is in your phone or responding to a text, or playing a game.

Set screen time – not only for your kids but your whole family.  When can you all shut down the screens and spend time together? What are you doing out and about in the real world that is fun and doesn’t require you to check your phone out of boredom every five minutes? Start to plan these things.

I hope these gave you easy ways to incorporate more face to face time  in your life and less screen time.  I hope that you feel the change in your mood and relationships also and I would love if you drop me a line to tell me how these are working out for you and if you have any tips yourself that you would like to share.

If you want to have a call with me I would love to connect.   Just reach out!