Greetings All,

There are only a few days left to 2020.  What a year!  There were days I felt like I was watching paint dry… waiting, wondering, waiting, wondering, waiting…   and other days I felt like I was a nascar driver! 😉 

Yes, there were a lot of challenges.  We had to make adjustments and get those creative juices going.  I feel that 2020 gave us all a chance to stop, take a breath, and realign our priorities.  I pray that you were able to discover what really mattered the most to you, what you were just tolerating and made some changes.

Ran across this Christmas Blessing and wanted to pass it on to you!

A Christmas Blessing

By Ray Pritchard, Keep Believing Ministries

“May you be filled with the wonder of Mary,

the obedience of Joseph,

the joy of the angels,

the eagerness of the shepherds,

the determination of the magi,

and the peace of the Christ child.

Almighty God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

bless you now and forever.”

Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!