Resumes are a hard thing to write.  First you have to think of everything you have done that you can put down in your skills.  You need to remember all the certifications, training, accomplishments and/or awards.  More importantly, you need to come up with what you want to do or are seeking.

Before you start on your resume, sit down and decide on your Mission statement.  Your mission statement is your “what”.  What you are about.  It will help you filter all the different decisions you need to make and help you know what to say yes to and what to say no to.  What are you seeking when you provide your resume to someone?   For instance are you seeking employment long term, short term, freelance jobs? How does this opportunity align with your personal mission statement?

List out on a piece of paper all the jobs you have held previously.  All of them.  Then write down what your position was and what skills you did for that position.  If you are still in good graces with another colleague or your past boss it would be a great idea to contact them and ask if you are missing any skills or if they can think of anything else to add. 

A lot of times people that have worked with you see the things that you don’t.  You may be surprised at some of the skills that can be added to your resume.

Think of creative ways to put these skills down also.  So for instance instead of babysitting it would be child care, or instead of filing it would be office organization.  These titles sound more professional and will take you further with the people reading your resume.

Be sure to list not only your schools but any relevant classes you have taken as well.  Maybe you took a writing class or an art class.  List them.  These may be skills that employers are looking for or that will make your resume stand out because they are advantages to the position.

Make sure you are clear on everything before you type up the resume.  It helps to be clear first on a separate piece of paper and then fine tune it for the professional look.