Coaches, Counselor, Mentors…Oh My!Ever wonder what the difference is between a Coach, Counselor and Mentor? Ever wonder if there really is one?

There is.

Today I am going to touch on what each one is so that you can tell the difference and decide what person is best for you to work with from where you are at now!

According to here are the various definitions of each:

Coach – to give instruction or advice to in the capacity of a coach; instruct

Counselor – a person who counsels; adviser

Mentor – an influential senior sponsor or supporter

Now let’s dive into these a bit deeper.

When you work with a coach that is someone who is going to hear you out with what you are experiencing and they are going to take time with you to set up a plan for moving forward, instruct you on best practices, and hold you accountable to do what you say you are going to.

When you work with a counselor, that person digs more deeply into the root cause of what you are going to and advises you on how you can get out of the place you are stuck in so that you can move forward.

When you work with a mentor that is someone that has been where you are at and is already where you want to be. They influence your decisions, share their own experiences, share resources, and guide and teach you what they do.

There are distinctions between each, so while they may seem like they are the same, they are not. There are similarities across the board with these but overall they are different approaches to move you out of the place you are stuck at and get you to the place you want to be, at a quicker pace!

Think about what you want to accomplish and from there decide what type of help you need and who you want to work with that can give you the shortest way to the greatest return.