We all have strengths and most of us don’t realize what they truly are.

So often, we don’t see our strengths as anything special. We think everyone can do what we can and that simply is not true.

Have you ever thought about the following:

• What do you do well?
• What do you do better than others?
• What unique strengths and talents do you have?
• What do others see as your strengths?
• What are you really proud of?

A great way to learn the answers to these questions is to survey people. If you do an anonymous survey through www.surveymonkey.com and ask people those questions they can tell you what they think. You will probably be surprised at the answers that come back. People will point out what you take for granted as something that you should be proud of or as something they admire about you.

Compare their answers to your own and see what the similarities and differences are. Then take action to make sure you are using your strengths the best way you can and doing what you love doing also.