Last time we talked about all the different ways to enhance your skill set.  This time we are going to dive into this a bit deeper and figure out the best way for YOU to learn!

To rehash, here are some of the ways to expand your skill set:

  • College courses
  • Online courses
  • Online free classes
  • Free local lectures
  • Local classes
  • Info products
  • Books/workbooks
  • Local library
  • Hands on training
  • Mentor/Coach/Teacher

Now we are going to break these down to find the best combination for you!

If you learn best by seeing things in front of you, go with Online courses, local classes, college courses, info products, books/workbooks, local library.

If you learn best by hearing things go with College courses, online free classes, free local lectures, local classes, info products if they are MP3’s, local library for DVD’s/CD’s, Mentor/Coach/Teacher.

If you learn best by doing then you definitely want to go with Hands on training and add in Mentor/Coach/Teacher, and Info products (that make you do the work, not just read about it).

Think back to when you were younger.  What were your study habits?  Did you sit on your bed and listen to music while you studied?  Did you need total quiet?  Did you study and take frequent breaks?  Did you have to write things down to remember them?

Figure out the best way for you to learn and start with that.  By taking this step you will be expanding your current skill sets and learning new ones that will be able to help you get to where you want to be whether that is your own business, a new job, a step up from your current position, whatever you desire.
Ready?  Set? Goal!!!  Set a goal (with a deadline) and get started!