Last month, you were challenged to take the time to go through all aspects of your life and career and take out the things that don’t serve you (or you are slowly working through getting rid of those things).

Now it is time to create joy inside that freed up space you have.

What are some new habits that you would like to form?  Are you ready to grow personally and professionally?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Rest – Make time to renew yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. A bible study, book you’ve always wanted to read, naps or other treats like a massage or pedi!
  • Start networking more – online and in person. This is a great way to meet new people personally and professionally.
  • Spend quality time with friends – having fun is what boosts success in your life. Yes, even in your career.
  • Start a new hobby that you think you would enjoy – if you haven’t taken time to be creative, try something new or just play a little, now is the time.
  • Play – Pick up a hobby.  For my husband, it’s model trains.  For me, sewing.  Take a class in something that interests you – this doesn’t have to be career related.  It could be a pottery class or a cooking class. Just something that you want to learn more about and are willing to explore further.

By bringing more joy into your personal life, you in turn also bring it to your professional life. Remember too that joy is contagious.  If you are full of joy, you are also spreading it to those around you by default.   

Having fun (play) makes you more creative.  Your best ideas may come when you are just enjoying yourself.  This is the time when you open the channel to God and let love flow in.  If you are listening, you may hear the guidance that comes in as well. Trust what you feel. Enjoy the process.

These new habits don’t have to cost a lot of money or be something that will have everyone around you in awe.  These are small things that you implement in your life to expand yourself.   Friends will give you new ideas, places you go will inspire you, learning a new craft will make your brain work in different ways. Keep in mind that this is for you, not anyone else. Make the experiences ones that you enjoy and appreciate and ones that you don’t mind doing on your own even.

Julia Cameron, in “The Artists Way” book suggests various tools to open your creativity which include going for a walk by yourself, completely unplugged, just for 20 minutes, asking for guidance and listening to the answer, morning pages which are 3 pages you write longhand each morning to clear any blocks you are having and let creativity in, and the artist date, which is where you take yourself on a date once a week for something you enjoy that will open your creativity.

These are all great methods, and they work so well.  They are simple, easy, and straightforward. You can implement them as soon as you are done reading this blog if you wanted to!

The goal is to connect to yourself more so you can understand yourself, see opportunities clearly and truly know what you love and what you can give away to free up more time and space for joy.

It is time for you to start focusing on joy in your life and leave behind the things that are bringing you down.  Joy is what will lift you up and grow your business.  If you don’t enjoy what you are doing others will pick up on that.  Discover what picks you up and expands your growth and keep at it!

If you would like more ideas or clarity around any of these concepts, please reach out. I would love to help you!