Five Leadership Qualities You Need To Be EffectiveEffective leaders are good communicators.  I’m sure you already know that though.  To get things done and create results you need to communicate exactly what you want and what you need to make it happen.

Familiarizing yourself with these 5 leadership qualities will help you identify what you are already strong in and what you need to work on to improve:

You need to have a passion for the work you do and feel it is important. Sharing that passion and enthusiasm with your team can help you motivate them to become more productive. Praising them for their good work is also a part of this. Morale sinks and employees dislike their work if they don’t feel recognized and appreciated.


Strong leaders communicate effectively with their team. Clearly explaining tasks and projects to the team is a crucial skill that takes practice.

Commitment to Staff

Good leaders understand that success isn’t possible without their team’s help. Provide training opportunities for your team and express your confidence in their work so they know you are invested in them. Leaders who are committed to their teams ensure everyone is treated equally and without preferential treatment.

Team Building
Encouraging employees to work together can result in higher productivity and improved morale. Encouraging a cooperative atmosphere and group problem solving helps ensure that your team completes tasks on time without conflicts. Asking for input on procedures helps build team trust and make everyone feel included.


Your team relies on you to make decisions that are quick, logical and correct. You need to be quick, committed, analytical and thoughtful when making decisions. Developing a spreadsheet to evaluate pros and cons can help you with this decision making skill.  Good leaders know how to “respond” and not “react” to a situation.

I hope that this was enlightening to you and has helped you to build on your skill set and improve the areas you need to in order to be a top leader and have a team that is productive and happy.