Life these days can be hectic and crazy, while still feeling a bit boring. Maybe you feel like your life revolves around other people, work, or chores. 

There’s never a better time than right now to ensure that you are living your life to the fullest. Doing things that bring you joy can keep you from feeling bored and burnt out or like you aren’t living your best life. It’s time to recharge your inner child and bring that exciting and fun life back to you. 

Whether you are spontaneous or a planner, there are no rules on how to do this.  It only matters that it works for you.

Here are some tips to get this process started: 

1. Get together with friends to accomplish something. When working towards a positive goal with friends they can hold you accountable and help you stay committed. You can do things like starting a book club, a weekly friends dinner followed by game night, going to the gym together, or volunteering in your community. It’s also important to mix it up every now and then to keep things interesting. 

2. Get creative and activate your brain. Creative activities activate the right side of your brain and enhance your intuition and brain capacity. It allows you to see beyond what may seem like the most logical answer. There are many leadership teams in the business world that enjoy creative activities such as painting together or using modeling clay to create something.  The reason they do this is because it brings out their inner child. It helps them look at things in a different perspective, as a child would, instead of focusing on the problem and an immediate solution.  During the French Open, I heard that one tennis star travels with Legos. It helps her relax and sparks creativity.  She did very well by the way! Being creative leads you to being more willing to push boundaries and think outside the box. Another great idea is to create a Pinterest board of things you love that may inspire a DIY project or two.

3. Playing with pets is a great source of stress relief and a fun way to squeeze in exercise! Stress relief and exercise can help you feel more satisfied at the end of the day and sleep better. What if you have a less active pet? That’s ok too because relaxing and spending time with an animal you love or find adorable is still relieving stress. No matter the type of play, spending time with a pet you care for boosts happiness and reduces stress. If you by chance don’t have a pet but enjoy them, you can also volunteer at an animal shelter.  They always need volunteers to walk dogs and play with the animals as well as provide love and cuddles!

4. Laughter is contagious and is sure to bring you joy. Laughing is a definite way to bring a smile to your face and there are many things you can do or watch to make you laugh. Find your favorite by checking out multiple options. Get together with someone and play a funny board game, catch a local comedy show, watch a funny movie, or you can watch shorts online. 

5. Try a new hobby. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try? Find a class in your area and sign up, there’s no better time to get started than now. You can often find a variety of interesting classes to join at affordable prices. If you like something a little more thrilling, make sure to add exciting activities to your list. If you prefer something more laid back, stick to the relaxing activities. For something more exciting you could try zip lining or camping. If you prefer something more relaxing, I’d recommend taking a yoga/flexibility class or incorporate quiet time (being still). What you enjoy depends on your personality and mood. There’s no wrong answer.

Remember to switch things up. Falling into a constant routine can cause you to become bored, and the activities become dull. If you start to become bored with something you once loved, push yourself to the next level, make whatever it is harder and conquer it. Remember to consistently mix in a new experience. That could be once a month, or once a quarter that you plan a new outing, take a different class, learn a new language, go on a short getaway (or a long vacation), whatever interests you.  When you are adding new things into the mix, your childlike outlook will stay fresh. 

If you’re not ready for a big step or just need a pick me up, try one of these:

* Plan a day trip to a nearby city or a night on the town.
* Pick up a good book or comic if that’s more your style.
* Practice deep breathing and being mindful.
* Play a brain stimulating game even if it’s on your phone.

* Listen to a new podcast that sounds interesting

*Grab an adult coloring book and relax your mind while you color the patterns  and wind down for bed at night. 

* Turn on your favorite music to sing and dance too, or while you do whatever needs to be done around the house.

Remember to think outside the box, stay creative, and keep adding to your list. If you do, you have a list to refer to, and you’ll never be bored. When you restore the joy in life, you’ll be a more fun and positive person. Others will gravitate toward you, and you may bring joy to them without even knowing it. Life is short and the time to start having fun is NOW! If you are struggling with what fun even looks like anymore (which believe me, we all do at times!) I am happy to help you see things differently.  Let’s get on a call and chat! Reach out anytime.