Research shows that skills of the future are not hard skills but soft skills!  And, that soft skills should be renamed “power skills.”  Wow!  Let’s dig into why…

Hard skills have for a long time been considered the skills we use to accomplish a task.  These are considered to be skills you learn.

Soft skills on the other hand have been considered how we work with other people. These are considered to be skills we are “born with.”  For some, their soft skills muscles are strong.  For others, they are muscles that need to be developed or muscles you have developed over the years.

The big companies such as Facebook, Amazon, GE and many others are not struggling with employees’ tech skills.  They can be taught.  They are struggling with employees in the soft skill areas:  interpersonal communication, time management, flexibility, adaptability to change and ability to work in a team environment to name a few.  And, companies have determined that these skills have a HUGE impact on the bottom line.  Hence the recommended name change from soft skills to power skills.  This research was spotlighted in an article I ran across a few months ago.

If you have struggled in these areas, it doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to improve these skills.  There are platforms that help you collaborate and build these skills. 

These “power skills” impact your work, relationships, teams and organization as a whole.  They are skills you need in all areas of your life. If you are someone who needs to strengthen your power skills, know that there are platforms that can help you build these skills.

If you would like support in understanding more about your power skills and what you need to strengthen/develop, I am happy to chat!  One of the assessments I offer is called PeopleMap – Understanding Yourself and Others

It gives you a look into your personality type and how to work and relate to other types – internal and external customers.  You are a gifted engineer, accountant, nurse, graphic designer, analyst or entrepreneur.  The tech skills are there! I often refer to PeopleMap as the people-side of the equation.  I’d love to join you on your career journey!