In 2016 here at the GPS Coach we are focusing on your career goals.  The ways for you to find your next great job and how you can change disappointments from previous experiences.

I want you to start the process by reviewing 2015.  What happened in the past year?  Did you have any career losses, disappointments or breakdowns?

Did you learn any career lessons that can help you in the future?

Write this all out so you have it out of your head and in front of you instead.

Now do a career inventory.  What is a career inventory?  Well it’s not counting your jobs if that’s what you were thinking!

A career inventory is when you write down all your skills, abilities, interests, and even your personality.  Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?  Do you have skills that people don’t know you have?  Do you have interests in areas of your work that you haven’t dove into because you haven’t shared that desire with others?

What do you envision for your career?  What do you want it to look like at this time next year.  How about in 3-5 years?  Be clear and write down every detail no matter how small.  It all counts and you want to make sure you are referring to it EVERY day to keep you on track to reaching what you see.

Do you need to look into additional training or education to further your career?  Start doing your research and planning out what you can take and when and get it scheduled.

Now based on what you have outlined from the above items, what are your goals for 2016?

If you would like to do a coaching session for additional help in figuring this all out and planning everything I would be happy to help!  I have New Year discounts and packages available so just reach out to me and let’s chat!