We all hear about balance in life and we all know how hard it is to accomplish that.

Sometimes we even think we ARE balanced and are surprised to find out we are way OFF TRACK!

I have a balance wheel below so you can do this activity for yourself but first I want to go over the different categories with you.

Friends/Family –   How much quality time are you spending with friends and family?  Not the word QUALITY.  Not time you are spending doing housework and running errands but time you are spending enjoying their company and with your focus on the moment you are experiencing.

Fitness/Health –  Feeling sluggish?  Think you could be eating better? Take some time to factor in your health.  Taking care of yourself is key in keeping balance in other areas of your life as well because the better you feel the more you can accomplish.

Fun/Recreation –  This is a huge proponent for a happy life.  If you are not spending time doing activities that you enjoy you are going to see that sad state in other areas of your life.  You will be amazed at how much the other areas of your life improve when you are having fun!

Career – Are you in a position that you love or one that you don’t love so much?  Look at what you are doing with your career.  This is how you spend a big chunk of your time at least 5 days a week so make sure you enjoy what you are doing.  If you don’t enjoy it start to look into making a change.

Finances – This can be a huge strain on people.  If you don’t have one already, put a plan in place to pay down debt, save up and invest.  Once you have more financial security you will ease a lot of stress from your life.

Living Your Mission/Vision –  If you are not in line with what you most want to experience in your life you need to make that adjustment.

Romance/Significant Other –  Think of your relationship.  Are you happy?  Is there something more you desire in your life?  Put steps in place to have the relationship of your dreams.

Personal and Spiritual Growth – This is important to your wellbeing.  Try to do something each week that will enhance these areas.


Now it’s your turn…print off the balance wheel and fill it in.  Then start to work on the areas you need to improve on in your life to make sure your wheel  rolls and doesn’t just stop you flat.