We all have an internal GPS that is similar to the one that we have in our car.  The one in your car, once you tell it what you are looking for will give you the direction you need to get there.  You also have this skill as a part of YOU. 

There are five steps you need to take in order to reach the destination you are seeking.

Step One: Determine your Position

What’s the first thing that happens when we turn on our GPS device?  The first thing that happens is that device synchronizes with the satellite so that it knows exactly where you are.  In your career that is the first step for getting positioned for success.  I believe that this is the same thing that occurs in your life.  You choose your life direction and God is your satellite. Part of this first step includes getting in sync spiritually. We often get in such a hurry to get where we are going that we don’t take time to inventory where we are. 

Step Two: Determine your Destination

The next thing that happens with your device is you decide on your destination.   The neat thing about the GPS device is that it gives all kinds of ways to map out your route. You can’t know how to get somewhere without first establishing your destination.  This isn’t to say that the journey itself won’t sometimes shift or change the destination altogether, this is only to say that you need to have some idea of where you’re going to end up before starting out.

Step Three: Determine your Route

You have to map out a plan to get there complete with goals and action steps along the way. And just like when you travel, be prepared for roadblocks, detours, potholes and delays. It’s part of the journey. And, like the GPS unit, you may have to consider all the routes available, take alternate routes, and manage obstacles. Once you tell your GPS device where you want to go, it maps out a step by step route to your destination.  In your career, it has to be the same. 

Step Four: Determine your Obstacles

If you have traveled like I do, you know that very often it is not a smooth trip.  Along your journey you may encounter detours, delays and wrong turns.  

Step Five: Determine your Next Destination

Let’s say you’ve just moved into the opportunity you envisioned.  YOU HAVE ARRIVED.  You are there. You know that’s not the end, right?  It is a new beginning.  

Once you have reached your destination you need to start going through the steps again for your next goal.  You will use this internal GPS system all your life so the more you put it into practice the more it will become second nature and create a new paradigm for you.