Now that you have laid out clearly what you expect on your resume, your skills, accomplishments and schooling it is time to put it all in order on a professional resume.

Your resume is your first impression and you only have a few minutes to make that impression so that you don’t end up in the circular file.

You can use a template to do your resume.  If you type in a search on Google for resume templates you will find lots of different types and one of them is bound to fit what you are seeking.  They even have templates for particular industry’s so for instance if you are a writer there is a special template for that.

Be sure you have all your contact information clearly laid out on the top of the resume.  Also make sure to use a font that is easy to read such as Times New Roman so that there is no confusion over anything.

Make sure to cover all your tasks in past jobs and also your additional education or skill sets that you have in addition to those.  Prepare a reference list.  Have it ready if requested.  These are people that are in your court and ready to get you that dream job you want.  Make sure your references know you are looking and are prepared. 


When you put together a well crafted resume and a warm cover letter to go with it addressing the person that you are sending the resume to you will be a notch above the rest. 


If you plan to email or upload your resume I recommend you make your cover letter and resume into a pdf file.  That way your resume is uniform and will look the way you intend it to by the recipient.  So many offices have different versions of software.  I’ve opened a resume created in a version of Word different from mine.  When I opened it, the margins and tabs shifted.  I know this was not the document the sender intended for me to see.  Making your document a pdf eliminates that dilemma.  There are free pdf makers you can download.  A Google search will provide them.

Employers get a lot of resumes at one time when they have a position open so by crafting something professional and always following their instructions (fax the resume, email the resume, don’t call) you will be on the narrowed down list of people that they will contact for an interview. 

  Remember your goal with the resume is to get the face to face interview to land the position.