Don’t Give up the Job SearchIt’s Holiday time again! It can be stressful just at that time of year in general with gift buying, family visiting, parties to attend (whether you want to or are obligated to) and having to job hunt at the same time just adds more stress to your life right?

Well the good news is, this is the time of year that many people slow down to celebrate and take a break so it is also a good time for you to snag that perfect job interview that others aren’t taking notice of or putting themselves out there for!

Many people are under the assumption that from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day companies are not hiring. It’s a big mistake and one you can take full advantage of! Employers are STILL hiring during this period (to meet the special needs of the holidays, to prepare for the new year, to replace someone who left, etc.) and often even just landing a part time position for the holidays could lead to getting offered the position either part or full time after the holidays also. This is actually a good time to show your stuff and get your foot in the door.

With so many people dropping out of the job market during the holidays, there is less competition. At the same time, many employers are trying very hard to be fully staffed so they can hit the ground running on January 1.

One way to make a connection with your interviewer is to “bond” over the holiday chaos. Discussing the holidays is usually a natural topic. It’s also an easy way to break through the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time and establishing common ground.

If your friends and extended family don’t know that you are looking for a job, let them know, casually, at holiday get togethers. The connections that lead to jobs happen in the unlikeliest places. Use these times as an opportunity to let people know you are job hunting, and ask if they know of anyone that works in that field you are looking to get employment with. They may be able to hook you up with a connection that could help you along.

The holidays are a great excuse to get back in touch with someone – your former boss, former co-workers, college roommates, high school buddies, people in the house/apartment next door, etc. Think about people whom you genuinely liked but have lost touch with, and track them down on social media to reconnect.

If you have met a job recruiter along the way send a holiday greeting card to remind them of your existence. Include a brief reminder of your last contact, who you are, and, perhaps, a business card.

This is a great time to job hunt because many companies have their budgets for the new year and are recruiting for people to start work in January. So, looking in January is looking too late.

Don’t take the holidays “off.” Stay focused on your job search, and you’ll land that next great job while everyone else is shopping!