Here we are in July.  Warm weather, lots of fun outings and mid year mark.

I’m sure back in January you set your goals for the year.  Maybe you got out the notepad and put down everything you wanted to accomplish this year personally, at work, with your health, etc. and now I want you to take that list out and really do a serious assessment of where you are at.

Read over your list and first check off what you have accomplished.  And celebrate that!

Next note where you are at with certain goals.  Write down what you have done toward accomplishing them so you see in writing the progress you have made.

And last, if you have goals on there that no longer serve you, give yourself permission to cross them off the list.  You may not want to do everything you originally wrote down and I want you to know and understand that it is OK to take things off.  Just because you wrote it down doesn’t mean that it is a diehard goal.

Only YOU can know what works for you and what you truly want to accomplish.  You need to focus on what you really want and not what you thought you wanted but that changed.

You have 6 months left to accomplish these goals so now that you fully understand what you want to keep moving forward with I will ask you to do one more thing.  Write out a plan for each of those goals.  Write down what you can do toward reaching those goals, how it fits into your life, (you don’t want to try to much at one time and get overwhelmed because then you will quit).

Put a plan in place and keep it in front of you so you are looking at it each day and are able to mark off what you have done and clearly see what is still to be done.

And make sure you have fun.  If it is a chore to reach your goals, you need to rethink them.  It should be fun creating your goals and reaching them.  If it is not fun you are going to procrastinate on doing it.  Keep it fun and celebrate your wins as you have them!

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