Step 3-Researching My New Career

Getting into a new career can be overwhelming at times. There is so much that you need to do and so much to learn so that you are as amazing in your new career as you were in your old one (or even more so!)

Where do you start?

New job – the first thing you should consider is getting a position in the field you want to move into. Make sure you really like it and that it is really what you want in your life. Remember that it is OK if you find it isn’t all you thought it would be and that it is totally OK to change your mind and do something different.

Start a Business – Maybe you feel like you are done working for other people and you want to be an entrepreneur. There is a lot that goes into starting a business and I would recommend consulting with someone that has already been there to get a handle on what all you have to do. (I would be happy to help if you would like to chat and see what the next steps are).

Rejuvenate the old job – Maybe you really like your old job but you feel it is getting stale. You can always rejuvenate it. A lot of times the ways to do that include changing your mindset, looking at things in a new way, and adding some skill sets that will enhance your work. Just because you are bored with your job now doesn’t mean you will always be!

When you are researching a new career or opportunity there is so much that goes into it. Just remember that you are making a move that will be supportive of you and allow you to live a life you want to live and do meaningful work that you love. Whatever that comes down to is up to you. Put in the time on Google to research what is needed for the career you want to move into, or even how to rejuvenate your current position. You would be amazed at some of the ideas that will come to you just from reading other people’s blogs and tips!

If you are ready for the next step but aren’t sure what that looks like, I invite you to set up a time to chat with me and we can work that out together so you can move forward with confidence!