Welcome to month 2 in the Midlife Career Change series. This month we are going to go over Step 2 – Utilizing Tools and Tests.

What does that mean? It means that there are different tools you have access to that can help you in your decision and in the change that you are ready to make.

Here are some examples and a brief description of them:
• Personality Tests – These help you to know what your personality type is and what type of work you would best be suited for.
• Career Assessments – These will help you to determine what type of career you would be a good fit for.
• Spiritual Gifts – What gifts has God given you that you are not using or that you could be using more fully? List everything out and take note of how you feel about a career using those special gifts.

If you would like my help figuring out what your spiritual gifts are or how to best do the personality test or career assessment I would love to help. Just reach out and lets set up a time to chat!