So often we think of our accomplishments as not big enough and our setbacks as depressing.

The reality is that accomplishments, no matter how small are huge and setbacks are often a blessing in disguise.

Take some time to do the following exercise:

Take out a sheet of paper and a pen.  Think back on your year and in one column write all your accomplishments from the year and in the other column write all your setbacks.  (At least as many as you can remember).

Once you have that list together look at the setbacks and think back to opportunities that arose at the same time.  Jot those opportunities down and really consider whether these were really setbacks or if they were a blessing in disguise.

Was the new opportunity a better fit for you than what you were “losing” at the time?

Was this maybe God’s way of pointing you in a different direction?

Often the things that we think are upsetting are actually just a redirect to something that will fulfill our lives and bring us joy.  It’s just a matter of realizing this and being able to appreciate it.

Now look at the list again and celebrate your accomplishments.  Big or small, they brought you to where you are today and who you have become.  They deserve to be acknowledged and given gratitude.

You may be surprised at the joy that you feel in your heart during this exercise.  In the future I suggest doing this exercise quarterly.  What helps too is that you can start writing your accomplishments and setbacks daily so that you keep track.  Then quarterly, compile the list and look back with a fresh and gracious view.