New Year, New Leaf?Do you have new plans for the New Year?  We all take time each January to think of the things we want to spend our time doing in the New Year.

What new things are you going to do?  Are you looking for a new career?  Starting a business?  Ramping up the business you have?

There are so many possibilities that it can get overwhelming sometimes.

My tip for you is to break it down.  You know the saying “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time” right?  Well that is exactly what you want to do with your plans also.

Don’t become overwhelmed by a huge to do list.  Instead, write down all the tasks you can think of that you need to do and then break them down even further.  That way you can do everything you need to do and feel that sense of accomplishment and not the sense of overwhelm.

Even doing one thing each day toward your goal is moving in the right direction.  Taking action is how great things happen.  Every action you take in the direction of what you want is showing that you are serious.  As a result of those actions, things will fall into place and you will start to see opportunities that you maybe didn’t see before because now you are in action and sure of what you want.

I would love to hear about the actions you are taking and the opportunities that are showing up in your life.  Drop me a line and keep me informed!  I’d especially love to hear about your personal strategic planning session.

Not sure where to begin?  Contact me about a 3-Session New Years’ Coaching Package.  Our focus will be:

  • Completing the Old (Review of 2012)
  • Creating the New (2013 Planning)
  • Composing a Plan of Action!!!