Our work is something that we need to do at least 5 days a week if not more so it needs to be something we enjoy.  Better yet, make sure it is something you love doing.

If you are unhappy in your career it is going to affect every other part of your life.  So now is the time to make that change.

It won’t happen overnight but knowing that you are moving toward your dream career will make what you are doing currently more bearable.

Career Struggle # 6 – Not doing what you love

What sets your heart ablaze?  You may be so overwhelmed currently that you don’t even know!

Take some time over the weekend, grab a favorite hot drink, take out a paper and pen and sit down to really do this exercise.  Choose a quiet time when no one will interrupt you.  Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

Now really think about what you love to do and list those things out.  When you have that list completed read back through it and circle the top 3 things.

Next really think about what you love about those things you circled and build that out.

How can you incorporate more of that into your current situation if you like where you are, just not what you are doing.

How can you build those out more so you can find a new company to work for that is more in line with that if you want to do so?

What skill sets do you need to enhance if you want to start your own business doing what you love?

Just be open to the possibilities.  Don’t over think this exercise.  Have fun with it and see what comes to you.  God sends messages all the time but we need to be open to receiving them.

Once you are clear on what you love, decide on the next action steps to move toward that.

You can absolutely work in your passion area and love what you do.

And let me tell you a secret not many people realize…when you are doing what you love, it isn’t work anymore.  You are having fun, time is flying by and you would do this “thing” no matter what…even if you weren’t getting paid.  Instead of counting down to retirement, you are looking forward to doing this as long as you possibly can!

I hope that this exercise helps you to really discover what you are passionate about and I would love to help you put that passion into your career.  If you would like to chat about how that can happen please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I want you to go into the new year with a new excitement around your career!