Re-Position Yourself for Success Part 1We have all run into times in life that we need to reposition ourselves.  Maybe you got laid off, maybe you lost your job for another reason.

I see these as God given opportunities.  Maybe there is a different plan for you and this is the push you needed in order to get in action for what you are REALLY meant to do.

Whatever the reason, there are ways to protect yourself and your loved ones and not to get too overwhelmed.

  • Know that you can ask for time to review any document that you are asked to sign and if you have serious concerns, run it by an attorney.
  • Outplacement benefits are services companies offer newly displaced employees. These can include career or executive coaching, education, search firm fees, etc.
  • Make sure you find out status and termination for insurance including health, life and disability.
  • Identify your priorities.
  • Create a new vision statement – what do you want to be, do or have?
  • Use your gifts and talents.
  • With so many people looking for jobs being a strong interviewer is a must. You may think you do a good job but how can you be better? Make the time to develop strong interviewing skills.
  • Get moving!

I hope these tips help you to wrap your head around everything. We will be going over the emotional and money end of things in Part 2 so stay tuned!