Last time we talked about your vision for 2014.  (If you haven’t seen that please check it out here.)

Today we are going to take your responses to that exercise and put a plan in place.

With your vision, you need to realize that it is for the whole year and something that you WANT to accomplish.  The plan falls into place easily once you have that vision created.  

You want to be sure to be doing at least 3 things each day that get you closer to your goals.  They can be large or small but you want to keep up the momentum and keep moving forward.

Each night, write down 3 things that you plan to do the next day to get your closer to your vision and goals.   Then make sure that you DO IT!  If you write it down and put it on hold you will never accomplish anything.  Hold yourself accountable or better yet, have someone else that loves you hold you accountable to do what you said you are going to do.  

Just make sure that you are sharing your vision with people that are supportive of you and will give you the gentle push you need at times to keep going.

Break it down even more by writing down tasks that need to be done to reach your vision and break them into smaller tasks.  

For example if you plan on going back to school for a new degree it may look like this:

  1. Go back to college for accounting degree
  2. Look into colleges
  3. Submit applications at ones that fit my needs
  4. Figure out class schedule

These would be broken down more with

  1. Look into colleges
  • Google local colleges with accounting program
  • Contact admissions office of schools I am interested in
  • Visit school
  1. Submit applications at ones that fit my needs
  • Once I have visited schools get apps for ones that I am interested in
  • Fill out apps and look into financial aid options
  • Get high school transcripts sent to schools I am applying to
  • Submit and follow up with my admissions counselor to make sure everything is there
  1. Figure out class schedule
  • Look at schedule with counselor at school and see what classes fit into my current availability
  • Make sure I can handle work load for the amount of classes I take on

See how this goes?  It breaks down to simple tasks so you are moving forward without getting overwhelmed.  

Good luck putting that plan together and taking action!  You are bound to get to the place you want to be if you follow these steps and keep up the momentum!