Find the Career Fulfillment You Have Been Longing For!

Career Assessments and Search:

Career Assessments:

  • Purpose/Personal Mission Statement
  • Personality
  • Strength/Gifts/Talents
  • Values
  • Career Exploration

Career Search:

  • Job Search
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking
  • Elevator Speech/Branding

Career Development, Progression and Exit Strategies:

Career Development:

  • On Job Performance/Improvement
  • Work/Life Balance

Career Progression:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Advancement

Career Exit Strategy:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Transition to Entrepreneurship


Career Shifts are Never Easy.  Whether You’re Facing too Many Choices or None at All, Expert Coaching and a Fresh Perspective Ease Your Transition.

Take advantage of professional assessments to identify your ideal career and uncover your strengths, gifts and talents


Pinpoint and navigate through roadblocks


Make the right career choices


Claim your purpose with a personal mission statement


Revitalize your future with a compelling vision statement


Step ahead of your competition with a custom resume or resume makeover


Knock 'em dead and showcase your value with interview coaching


Develop a plan of action - set goals, make a timetable and stay on track


Celebrate each step with your coach! Coaching is available no matter where you are in the Career Lifecycle!


Invest in Yourself! Stop Dreading Each Day and Being Unfulfilled in a Career or Job that is Not the Right Fit For You!

It is time to step up and be confident in yourself, communicate your value to your employer or prospective employer. 

Know how to market yourself verbally and visually and take time to make the changes you need to make so you can enjoy your life and career again and be the best version of you possible.

The GPS Coach is exactly what I needed!!! I had reached the point in my career where I felt “stuck”. I had everything that seemed to be the right recipe for success; education, experience, and drive, but I just didn’t know what to do with myself. It had been 14 years since I had last looked for a job and I had feelings of obsolescence. Job searching has changed in the last decade and I just didn’t know where to start in the process of looking for a new job. I was no longer growing and I had lost the passion that I once had for my career. I learned through a Christian friend that Evelyn Kaufman was the GPS Coach and that her expertise may help me get on the right track with my career. I was instantly intrigued because I had been praying for help. I won’t give away Evelyn’s coaching techniques, but she helped me recognize my strengths and led me through a process that resulted in a new and exciting career. My suggestion to you is, if you are feeling “stuck” or “unfulfilled”, do not wait another minute or deny yourself the possibility of becoming excited about your career once again. Call Evelyn right away. Her gifts will bless you, too!



Piano Teacher, Florida

I can see that I have grown and adapted a new can-do attitude and way of thinking that I so desperately needed. You kept me focused and clear headed when I needed it most, and you very gently held me accountable for the tasks I said I would tackle and accomplish. You have such a gift for coaching and a true passion to help others. Your goodness just overflows over the phone and through email. There was never a session that didn’t end with my feeling positive, motivated, uplifted, guided, focused, talented and ready to pursue my dream. Having the coaching sessions with you these past months allowed me to discover my talents and myself. I would not have done this without your help. I would never have pursued my dream without your assistance to unearth it and guide me. When we covered the talent section, I remember emphatically telling you I didn’t have any talents. I learned I have many talents! I thank you so much and want you to know you’ll always hold a special place in my heart, and I won’t forget all you have taught me.


Marketing and Conference Manager, New Jersey