Unlock Your Full Career Potential.

What Does the PeopleMap Do? 

The PeopleMap system does two things.  First it shows people how to maximize their success in their professional and personal life.  Second, it teaches people in a simple, easy method how to communicate effectively with each of the 4 personality types and combination types measured by the PeopleMap. 

The PeopleMap™ Professional Development Report

Would you like to know what your natural strengths are in life? Would you like to have a personal “map” for getting along with others? Would you like to have a clear understanding of the things that could block your success and a clear roadmap that can help you be successful? If you are answering yes to these questions, the PeopleMap™ Professional Development Report is your solution. This profile is based on your answers to the seven questions on the PeopleMap™ Questionaire.

This profile provides you with important information on your Primary and Combination PeopleMap™ Type scores. From this information we give you critical information on your natural in-born strengths and what motivates your personality type.

Based on your PeopleMap™ scores, your report provides you a 16–page in–depth analysis consisting of critical information related to your primary type, combination type and what you prefer least at work and home. The report provides specific information related to your strengths, Achilles Heel(s) and developmental opportunities. The skills include addressing issues of conflict, leadership, and how to work effectively with others.

This is a must for anyone who is leading others and seeking to improve him or herself at work and at home. If you are serious about taking an important step in reaching your potential at work, you will find the PeopleMap™ Professional Development Report an invaluable addition to your toolbox.



The PeopleMap Workshop: Understand Yourself and Others

The core program teaches people a new method for understanding and relating to each other.  The workshop is an interactive experience in learning about our own and other’s personality types an how our personality style effects all of our interpersonal relationships, including customers, sales, teams leadership, and even family relationships.

The PeopleMap is a powerful but fun and practical, down-to-earth program.  No fancy jargon, just straight forward tactics that teach your people how to immediately understand and relate to other people more successfully.  Each participant leaves the workshop with use-able skills that can be implemented immediately in the workplace.  The PeopleMap is great for building better customer relations, increasing sales performance, enhancing team effectiveness, and improving overall communication and productivity.

PeopleMap is a proven program that has had a tremendous impact in large and small companies, local governments, and churches.  Companies like GTE, PBS&J Engineering, Allegheny Health Systems, the City of Clearwater, ACEC Indiana, and others have revolutionized they way people relate to each other and work together more productively.