Are Your Social Media Profiles Professional?I’m sure you understand the importance of a good first impression when you are on the hunt for a new job.  The thing you have to think about though now, that may not have been in issue before, is your social media profiles.

Many employers (if they are on top of things) will search for your online profiles before they even call you in for an interview.  Why?  Because they can learn a lot about you and your personality just by viewing what you post on your profiles.

So take a look at your profiles and ask yourself how you want people that don’t know you to perceive you?  Do you want your true personality to shine through?  Do you want to put on more of a professional image?  Maybe a little of both?

Facebook could be reserved for your friends (as long as you have the settings right) and Linked in could be the profile of choice for professionals to view.  That will show you in the best light, highlight your achievements and qualities and keep the party pictures from fourth of July private for your friends only.  Linked in is a professional site that you want to make sure your profile is updated on and shows you in the best possible light.

Here are some tips about comments:

  • Be sure that you are not posting negative comments.  No one wants to see the cryptic message that you post for a certain someone to figure out is about them…no one wants to hear you rant about how your life sucks. 
  • Posting positive content is going to move you forward as well as show others that they too can be positive and enjoy life instead of bringing others down with negativity.
  • Positive content is also going to show the business professionals looking at your profile that you are a team player and are always looking for something good.  Negative content just breeds drama which is something no business owner wants to have to deal with!

Make sure you manage your image on all social media websites including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, and Tumblr, etc. if you are using them.  Make sure that your settings are correct and that if people can view your profile that you do not know, you are only posting things that you don’t mind ANYONE seeing.  My words of wisdom to young adults starting their career is “Don’t post anything you don’t mind being on a billboard on any highway”.   That goes for all professionals.

Be sure to NEVER post negatively about past or current employers. People often use social media as an outlet for frustrations; however, future employers will not be impressed if they see this.  Keep your venting to the glass of wine you are sharing with your husband or girlfriends in your living room and stay professional at all times on line.