We hear so often that our friends and coworkers are having trouble with space. Places to store things neatly, organization in small areas, keeping things off the floor, etc.

It can be really easy to have an area that you love, no matter how much available space you have. Today I have 5 tips for organizing your work space and 5 tips for organizing your home space that you can start working on immediately to have the flow and ease that you are looking for. And let’s face it. An organized area is a happy area. It takes the stress off you and it makes the area beautiful to look at and peaceful to be in.

5 Tips for Organizing your Work Space

1.) Inbox/Outbox – This is super useful to have. There are a couple ways I would like to suggest you do this. First, have one on your desk. The inbox has things you need to take care of. The outbox is the things that are done and that have to be delivered to someone or mailed out etc. The other place to have one of these systems is on the outside of your office door if you have one. That way, people can leave things they need from you in the inbox with a note on when they need it and you can reach out if you need more details, and you can put things in there so if someone needs something back they can check there and grab it. This frees you up from having people in and out of your office all day and gives you more time to concentrate.

2.) File Folders/Hanging folders – You should have a drawer in your desk or a file cabinet that you can put hanging folders in to store things. Alphabetize and have a folder for each company you deal with so you can easily find things when you need them. File folders inside hanging folders will let you split things up too such as receipts, invoices, etc. And those file folders will also go in your inboxes and outboxes so that your people can easily drop things off or pick them up right from their folder.

3.) Drawers or shelves – These are important to store books and binders and all the everyday office supplies in. You can find ones to fit in any area if you do a search online. Be clear with what you want to store and how much space you have and then start the search for the perfect drawer or shelving unit.

4.) Binders – These come in handy with the clear sheet protectors to hold things such as bank statements, payroll paperwork, W2 and I9 info, etc. This way you can easily find what you need and it is easy to read.

5.) Hooks – You can easily put some hooks up on the wall to hold things such as your coat, your keys, coffee mug, etc. You can get the ones that attach to the wall and don’t make marks. This will free up a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about losing things, or rolling over your coat while it is hanging on the back of your chair. (We’ve all done that at one point!)

5 Tips for Organizing your Home Space

1.) Drawers/Shelves – This will keep you organized throughout the house. You want to make sure you have adequate storage and correct storage. If something isn’t right for the area, don’t hesitate to move it or improve it. You can custom design any storage to fit what you need with just some inexpensive tweaks such as drawer dividers or hangers that hold multiple items.

2.) Hooks – These can do a number of things such as hold your coat, keys, dog leashes, etc. Or you can use them in the kitchen and hang mugs under the cabinets instead of taking up the room in the cabinets that you could use for something else. You can also use hooks and a peg board to hang tools on.

3.) File boxes – We all have documents that we either choose to hold onto or that we have to hold on to for a certain number of years. Each year, put file folders in a file box and label the box with the year and store in a space that is tucked away so you can get to them if you need to but they are not cluttering up your area or your drawers.

4.) Storage spaces that double as something else – For example an ottoman that opens and holds blankets in it. This way you are taking less space and doing more than one thing.

5.) Storage areas – You can make storage areas where they aren’t if you are so inclined. Such as the area underneath stairs. It is an open area that you can store things in and close off nicely with an added door so you can get in but things aren’t all over the place and they aren’t taking up precious areas in the rest of your house.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you have any more, I would love to hear about them!