Last post we went through the first 5 tips to spring cleaning your office and to recap you are going to:

  • Decide what you want from your office space. 
  • Is your office meeting your needs?
  • Clean up your desk clutter/de-clutter things
  • Set up efficiently
  • Implement a daily paper system



Spring Cleaning



  Today we are going to review the last 5 tips:

  • Get rid of files you don’t need.  I understand that sometimes you can’t just ditch a file or its contents but what you can do is go through your file cabinet and take any old files or inactive files and put them in a file storage box that you keep in a small storage area.  This opens up the space in your file cabinet for new files and makes things much easier to get to and find.
  • Disinfect regularly.  I know, you didn’t expect me to say that right?  The thing is, there are tons of germs on your desk, keyboard, mouse, phone, stapler, etc.  You want to make sure that you regularly clean those areas so that you are not getting sick from working. 
  • Organize your computer.  There are tons of files and pictures and videos and music on your computer I’m sure.  Do you know where to easily find what you need when you need it?  Or do you spend a lot of time searching and going through the thought process of “where would I have filed that?  Here? No, Here?” That is so time consuming and just not what you need to be doing.  Put everything in clear and easy to read folders on your computer so you can easily find personal items, client files etc.
  • Put it in your planner.  We have calendars for a reason.  A planner is a great thing to keep track of your projects as well as appointments.  You can check things off as you accomplish them which gives you a great feeling at the end of the day as well.
  • Compile your resources so you can find them.  You spend the time to network and go to events or meetings and you meet people and build relationships.  These people are your resources.  They are going to help you grow your business or expand your reach in a new and exciting way…if you are able to get hold of them when you need to.  You want to make sure to file business cards in a holder so they are accessible, or have your assistant put them into your contacts on your computer so you have them at the ready and don’t have to look them up.

By implementing these tips you are going to have a smooth running, clean, welcoming, warm, inviting office that both you and everyone else will enjoy being in.  (Just make sure that you aren’t spending all your time glowing about your clean and organized office instead of working )