We are in very unusual times right now and we are all navigating it together. 

It is very different to be home with your whole family all day and trying to all work and homeschool can be stressful for anyone in that position.  But a positive part of this is that we get to spend more quality time together and really get to know each other and build deeper connections. 

You can do that with your friends and colleagues as well.  You can even meet new people!

Here are some ways to stay connected while home:

1.) Video Calls – you can do one on one video calls so you are connecting to that person the same as you would in person because they can see you and you can see them.  Emotions are easier to read and connection is deeper when you are looking at each other. 

2.) Video Networking or Conferences – You can connect with new people through online networking groups.  Some of these groups will have a large room where you can see everyone and chat and then you can go into smaller rooms to connect even more with a smaller group of people.  Zoom.com has that option with the pro version and also remo.co is another great platform if you want to host events yourself. 

3.) Family Gatherings…on video – Yes, everything is via video but you can connect with your family and friends this way too.  You can have Sunday dinner together, game nights, book clubs, bible studies, exercise, etc. 

If you are open to being creative you can have a lot of fun with others even while social distancing. I know it is hard but this can really build your relationships if you put the time and effort into getting to know your loved ones and colleagues even better during this time we are spending together.  And hopefully the changes you make now for the better will stick once all of this has passed.  

Be Safe!  You are in my thoughts and prayers!