Welcome to Step 4 in our Midlife Career Change Series! This month we are going to talk about devising a plan.

So how do you get this party started? Step by step. Like learning a new dance move. If you try to rush to the end result you are going to end up tripping and falling on your face. If you learn it step by step you can then put all the pieces together and you have a beautiful dance at the end.

Decide the steps you need to take and write them down. Then under those initial steps write down the tasks you need to do to accomplish each one. It makes it a lot easier to manage when you have it all written down in front of you and you are able to cross things off the list daily toward reaching your goal. You will feel a big sense of accomplishment too.

Know what your goals are. What is the end result you want to achieve for now? What time frame do you want to accomplish it in?

Remember that your end goal now is not your end goal forever. It is also OK to change your goals if you find they are not what you thought you wanted. There is no law that says you have to follow the exact goal you picked if it is not the right path for you.
Create your action steps. What are you going to start with? What support do you need? Who do you need to reach out to? What financial backing do you need?

Figure out the answers to each of these and list them the same as earlier so it is easy for you to see what you have accomplished and what you still have to do to reach those goals, as well as the time frame you need to do it in.

I would love to help you develop your plan and get it into action. Just reach out to me and we can set up a time to chat!