Happy March!  How are those resolutions going???  Many of us make resolutions to start a new year. We write them down, fully intent on moving forward with them, maybe do a few things in the first couple weeks of January toward them.  Then we usually let life get in the way and go back to our old way of life.

Those actions don’t have to be huge.  They don’t have to be overwhelming. Small action steps are what will keep you moving forward.

Take time to celebrate those small actions you have accomplished.  Keep the momentum up and be proud of yourself. Each small action is getting you closer to your big dream.  

I know that 2023 is going to be an exciting year!  Action is going to be part of that excitement.  Action toward what you really want in life, authenticity, peace, love, joy, health… you get the picture.  And, it’s not too late. We are still in the 1st quarter. 

Opportunity is what comes when people are in action. Trusting in the process and moving forward in action will bring you the opportunities you may not have seen before.  

Talk about what you are looking to accomplish and what you need to make that happen. You will be amazed at the connections that appear from the people you talk to. Connections you would have never thought possible.

Maybe your child’s teacher is a web designer on the side, and you need a new site up from someone you know, like and trust.

Maybe your neighbor is a copywriter, and you need a press release written to get out a volunteer activity to raise money for a good cause.

So many things happen when you start to go after what you want and let people into your dreams.  They aren’t looking to steal your dreams; people instead are looking to help you achieve them.

Start to open up and let people in.  Make 2023 the year that you let down the walls and invite people in.  Have coffee with acquaintances to see how you can help each other, network more so that you can meet others, and all help each other.

There are many who enjoy helping others, showing love and serving – once you let them know your goals/dreams.  As I’ve said before, the conversation has to go beyond news, weather and sports…  Share your heart! 

Please let me know if there is any way I can help you create a plan to achieve your dreams!