Working on my personal mission and vision statement with Evelyn provided a great vehicle. The weekly assignments, which were in bite-size pieces, were great. Evelyn provided a great deal of insight and support. My mission and vision statement provides the flavor and centering for my practice, my website, my speeches, and my life.

Vanessa - Ohio


Evelyn did a great job getting me to consider my options after retirement. She helped me look introspectively and decide next steps based on what really fulfilled me.

Lionel - Ohio

Project Manager

Evelyn gave me the encouragement and positive feedback I needed to move forward with my career & personal life. Through exercises and instruction she made me aware of all that I have to offer to others and to myself. In essence, she provided a light to shine on my path into the future and she equipped me with what I needed to keep this light shining bright.

Kelsey - New York

Circulation Manager

Evelyn helped me to focus on what was important in my life, and brought clarity to what my goals needed to be. It was important to me that Evelyn was able to validate my thoughts in a non-threatening way that allowed me to share my hopes and dreams for the future. I would recommend her to anyone looking for something more in their life, and who just feels stuck like I was. The tools and resources provided were key in helping me move forward with confidence.

Diana - Kentucky

Independent Beauty Consultant

I feel as though Evelyn saw the progress and vision even when I was not seeing it. She provided inspiration, relief and energy to what goals I wanted to achieve while also providing patience, gentle strength and empathy.  The biggest thing I walked away with and what I am most grateful for is that Evelyn helped me see that my dreams are alive and possible.

Sarah - Indiana

Coach and Speaker

As a result of coaching with Evelyn I am taking control of my life and not waiting for others to come up with that plan for me. I used to wait for others to “recognize” what I could bring to the table. Now I am willing to set the table myself and “let my light shine”.

Grace - Georgia


I have come to realize as a result of Evelyn’s coaching that every problem DOES have a solution. We often feel “stuck” – that we can’t move forward with our goals because of an obstacle that seems too big to overcome. But if we have someone to help us deal with these obstacles one step at a time, then they don’t seem so big after all!

Michele- Colorado


I was entering the job market after a six year absence, with some marketable clerical skills. However, I knew that I had a major stumbling block in the interview process I would need to overcome in order to be competitive. Evelyn easily asked questions that assessed my strengths and she was able to effectively communicate those skills on my resume. The resume itself was sharp, eye catching, and gave prospective employers a much needed quick, concise glance of my skills. I was able to establish the skills and confidence I needed to eagerly, comfortably, and confidently attack the interview process. I know coaching made the difference in both my confidence and comfort level, my willingness to assess the job as a fit for myself, and I believe it has had a direct effect on the amount of time it took me to find a position.

Rebecca- Kentucky


My ability to learn and my never-ending pursuit for personal development have made me successful. I try to learn from every good and bad experience I have, both in my career and in my personal life. I learn from every business deal we win, and I probably learn even more from every business deal we don’t win… I am a big believer in coaching services. Evelyn has coached me for several years. A lot of my learning and development can be attributed to her efforts. If we have someone to help us deal with these obstacles one step at a time, then they don’t seem so big after all!

Michael- Kentucky

Sales Consultant

I had not applied for a position in over 10 years so my resume was in desperate need of help. I was scheduled to attend a conference that would allow me to interview with several major companies. Evelyn reworked my resume in less than 48 hours so I could meet their posting deadline. Armed with my new resume and cover letter I applied for 7 positions and 5 of those companies wanted to interview me. I also received an inquiry from two other companies that I did not even apply for.

Karen - Germany

Project Manager

I had dreams and plans, but I was falling into the trap of “whatever makes a paycheck.” Evelyn helped me define my goals and create monthly, weekly, and even daily goals that all related to each other. Every day I know what I have to do, and what it means for me to be successful today, this week, this month, and this year. It was the best investment in my business I ever made.

Harry - Kentucky

Software Developer and Business Owner

Evelyn captured the essence of a decade long dream that I couldn’t seem to get off the ground. The Peoplemap Assessment was a great tool giving me a detailed look at my personality type that is beneficial in my career success and work relationships. As one with a varied work history stemming over 35 years, Evelyn’s ability to take my best attributes and work history and stream-line them into my resume – making it crisp and succinct – was outstanding! Finally, going through the career branding process was good in helping me come up with a personal career brand that best fit me. I created a sound bite I could soar with and continue to use it in conversations!


Linda - Tennessee

Ministry Leader