People are always looking for a secret sauce to success. While there really isn’t one, there is one thing that makes you stand out in the crowd. That is your niche.

So what exactly is a niche? That is the one thing that you do best. So for example, instead of just being a coach, I am a career coach. So I don’t claim to help you with everything in your life, or your health and wellness, or your athletics. I specifically work with people on their careers. I help professionals design their personal mission, vision and plan (become a MVP). I makeover resumes. I help people walk through a transition – planned or unplanned. That is my niche. That is what I am best at.

So how do you develop your niche? Easy. Look at what you love doing and what you are really great at.

Do the research. What are people looking for? What are the terms they are using when they search google for what you do? What are they paying others in your area of expertise for this work.

Put together a plan. That plan will consist of:

Website – make sure it is targeted to the people that you want to work with and clearly explains what you do.

Marketing – Create an opt in for your website that helps people with what they are experiencing but doesn’t give them the whole solution. You want them to come back to you for that solution.

Ads – Get your name out in the right places. Where is your target market searching for you? Are they on google? Do some google ads. Are they on Facebook? Do some facebook ads. Are they on linked in? Start a group and let people know you are there to help. Join other groups that you can help in as well.

If you need help narrowing down your niche I would love to help! Just contact me and let’s chat!