Time Flies When You Are Moving ForwardHere we are in December again.  The end of another year upon us in just a few weeks.

What have you done this past year?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish?

Did you have some setbacks that you didn’t expect?

In life and business, we start out with all our wonderful ideas and prayers that things are going to run smoothly but there are highs and lows all the way through.

It’s sometimes hard to see the good in the setbacks until we look back on them later.  Most times they came at an opportune time.  Maybe you had a new opportunity arise and the “setback” you experienced allowed you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Sometimes our accomplishments seem so small.  Maybe we got through a whole day focused on work without distractions, maybe our child didn’t have any temper tantrums.  No matter how big or small your accomplishments are, don’t ever diminish their significance.

Even if it was a matter of taking a walk for exercise for 10 minutes, that is a wonderful accomplishment.  Everything that you are able to do is an accomplishment.

In my next article I am going to give you some ideas on how to view those setbacks and accomplishments in a new light.

Remember to celebrate both each day.  You never know the gift hidden in the setbacks and you can’t forget the gift in the accomplishments.