Can you believe it is already July?  It seems like this year was so strange and it went slowly but quickly at the same time. 

What I like to do at this time of the year is to hold a personal retreat with myself and review how things are going and what I want to work on or change so that I reach my goals by the end of the year.

I suggest this practice for you as well.  You will be surprised at how effective it is when you take the time to get clarity around your goals and get yourself back on track if you went a little astray.

I invite you to schedule a personal retreat with yourself.  Head to a park, coffee shop, or even your own back yard for some uninterrupted quiet time. 

Use the time to get clear about where you are currently in your life and business and where you want to go. 

Things have been so strange this year.  What do you find is working for you since COVID-19?  What’s not working?  What do you want more of?  Less of?  What have you learned about yourself? Others?

Maybe you realized how much you like to work from home and skip the commute, maybe you got to spend more quality time with your family and built stronger bonds.  Maybe you found that you don’t do well when you are isolated from others and that you do your best work collaborating with other people.  Whatever comes to you, just write it all down.

There’s 6 months to go in 2020.  Just like with half time in sports, July is a good time to stop for a few minutes and conduct a review before starting the 2nd half of the game.  What do you need to re-tool so that 2020 ends successfully?

  • Spiritually – how is your walk with the Lord?
  • Spouse/Significant Other? – are you connecting?
  • Family/Friends – are you communicating? 
  • Financially – got debt?
  • Professionally – time to look for a new job?
  • Physically – your body, your surroundings?
  • Recreationally – what do you do for fun?

Once you have your review written think about how your “report card” looks. Are you ready to start to formulate your plan to move forward?  Do you see areas that you need to change for the better? Or areas that you realize now are not a fit to help you reach your goals and can be eliminated altogether?

If you would like support around this, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I am here to help and sometimes we all just need someone on the outside that can help us figure out exactly how to reach the goals we so badly want for ourselves.